Dashi Powder


Dashi powder is granulated bonito soup stock that can be used to make instant dashi for quick miso soups and to flavour noodle dishes. Essentially the same thing as chicken/beef/veggie boullion but seafood flavour in powder form.


Dashi powder is most commonly used to make a dashi, which is a smoked bonito (tuna) and kelp soup stock for noodle soups or miso soups.


The stock made by dashi powder can be used interchangeably with any recipe that calls for chicken/beef/veggie broth as well.


We also use it as a form of salt and smoky flavour to make saucy stir fried noodles as well! Use it sparingly, it is very salty and a little goes a long way.

Recipe Ideas with Dashi Powder usages:


These are usually sold in Asian grocery stores in small jars or large boxes. Occasionally we would also see them individually packaged into small individual 1 serving packets as well.

These may be tricky to find sometimes even in Asian grocery stores, so if it you have a hard time finding it you can also purchase it online below as well.


Dashi powder has a smoky, slightly fishy flavour (think smoked salmon) and is very salty with high amounts of umami-ness.

This is a very flavourful product so a little goes a long long way. Treat this as salt and always just add a little bit at a time and taste the dish before adding more since it is very easy to over do it.



Dashi powder come in little granular powder form that you mix into liquid to dissolve before using.


Once opened, it should be kept in a air tight container (it usually comes in it’s own jar unless you buy the box) in the fridge. It also has an expiry date on the packaging as well to let you know how long to keep it for.


Disclaimer: As with most of my posts, I provide affiliate links to make items easier to find if you cannot purchase this locally. I would never recommend anything I don’t own myself or highly recommend, but I would prefer you buy your items locally to support your stores (and chances are they are cheaper locally!) 🙂


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  1. Thanks for the dash powder info, I nevr know of this. Very helpful.

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