Red Fermented Bean Curd

  WHAT IS IT? Fermented red bean curd (aka fermented red tofu) is a tofu that has been preserved in salt, rice wine, red yeast rice and spices. Not to be confused with the white fermented tofu which has a slightly milder taste and is used more in sauces and condiments.

Korean Radish

  WHAT IS IT? Korean radish is a variety of radish that is very mild in flavour with a crunchy texture and used in a variety of Korean dishes. Not be confused with it’s cousin the daikon radish which has a stronger, pungent flavour.

Daikon Radish

WHAT IS IT? Daikon radish is a large root vegetable that is very versatile and commonly used in Asian cuisines and can be enjoyed both raw and cooked. You can use these in broths, unique sauces, salads, stews or as a condiment.

Bonito Flakes

WHAT IS IT? Bonito flakes are made from fermented and dried smoked skipjack tuna, which are then shaved into paper thin flakes. Prized for it’s smoky flavour, it can be used for a dashi stock or as a garnish to bump up the umami flavours of your dishes.  

Rice Cakes

WHAT IS IT? Rice cakes are disc shaped (and sometimes tubular cylindrical shaped) noodles made with glutinous rice flour. (Not to be mistaken with the puffed rice cakes that are more cracker-like and crispy.) Most commonly used in Korean cuisines and is called tteok in Korean.

Shirataki Noodles

WHAT IS IT? You won’t believe this but Shirataki Noodles are actually made from yams! Yeah, yams! Konjac yams to be exact. They have become quite popular recently since they are great for anyone on special gluten-free or vegans diets and they are low in calories and carbs since it is made up of an indigestible…

Black Garlic

WHAT IS IT? Black garlic. It looks weird, almost makes you wonder if they are rotted or molded right? Black garlic is essentially made by fermenting regular garlic in a low heat and humid environment for a long period of time. You can actually make this yourself in a slow cooker or rice cooker but be…