Sweet, refreshing & salty watermelon feta salad with a slight tang to pull all the flavours together. Great as a salad or as a side dish! Sound like an odd combination? You’ll be surprised!

Who loves watermelon?? I do, I do! 🙂 There are moments I love it so much that I feel like eating it for dinner! Probably not too practical, but there has to be a way to enjoy it besides the usual way of sliced up at a backyard BBQ right? Of course there is!


I had a mission – I had to have watermelon for lunch, no if/ands/or buts. So I threw together flavours in my head (and fridge) and came up with something refreshing, juicy and sweet with flavours of tang and salt.

I know what you’re thinking.

“Joyce I think you’re nuts, are you one of those people that eat watermelon with salt?”

You know what’s weird? I’m not. Dad used to sprinkle salt on his watermelon all the time and told me it brought out the sweetness of the watermelon but I never understood it and never liked it! Go figure.


This salad didn’t have the same feel, the tang from the pickles and lime pulls the salty and sweet flavours together into something that almost reminds you of a thai salad. Don’t believe me? Try it out and keep in mind that this is no way supposed to be a dessert! 🙂


Watermelon Feta Pickled Daikon Salad



All ingredients can be found at your local grocery store. Surprisingly I have also even found daikon radishes available at a local grocery stores as well! However if you cannot find it there, you will most likely find it at an Asian grocery store.


Watermelon Feta Pickled Daikon Salad


Randomness with Pickles: I have never tried this (but plan to in the near future) but substituting a sweet crunchy pickle – like the bread and butter pickles for the picked daikon! If you get a chance to experiment with the pickle let me know how it goes! Always love seeing and hearing about fun and new creations.

For a subtler onion flavour, you can substitute the red onion for shallots.

Tip #1 : Soak the chopped onions in cold water for about 1 minute and it removes the strong onion flavour.


How Do You Pick Out a Good Watermelon?

The process I go through to pick out a good watermelon are:

  • Lift it Up – It should feel heavy for its size, pick up a few and compare which one is heavier and go with that. Heavy means juicy.
  • Shape & Colour – A symemtrical even shaped watermelon with no bruises is always a good thing. Look for a nice dark green watermelon. Look for a yellow patch on the bottom side as well – the yellower the better. A whiter bottom means it was picked while it was still ripening while a yellow bottom means it sat under the sun in the same position for longer.
  • Bopping it – This method is a bit of a hit or miss but I generally just slap it and it makes a deep ‘thunk’ hollow sound with a bounce back to my hand then I’m happy.


If you’re following along, you’ll remember that last week, I put out a really quick and easy pickled daikon radish recipe which is what I used for this recipe.


Watermelon Feta Pickled Daikon Salad


There’s nothing to this recipe 🙂

  1. Just chop chop chop the watermelon and pickled daikon radishes! (if you want to go fancy you can even use a melon baller to make cute round watermelon shapes)
  2. Dice the red onion and green onion finely because bites of giant hunk of onions are not fun.
  3. Combine the red onion, watermelon and pickled daikon radish in a bowl and mix gently with lime juice
  4. Crumble the feta at the end and top it with green onions and enjoy! 🙂

Watermelon Feta Pickled Daikon Salad

Is it summer yet?

Watermelon Feta Pickled Daikon Salad
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Watermelon Feta Pickled Daikon Salad
Prep Time
15 mins
Total Time
15 mins

Sweet, refreshing and salty watermelon feta salad with a slight tang. Sound like an odd combination? You'll be surprised! Great as a salad or a side dish!

Course: Appetizer, Salad, Side Dish
Cuisine: American, asian
Servings: 4
Author: Pups with Chopsticks
  • 1/2 small watermelon (chopped)
  • 1 stalk green onion (finely chopped)
  • 1 lime (juiced)
  • 1 cup pickled daikon radish
  • 1/4 cup feta (crumbled)
  • 3 tbsp red onion (finely chopped)
  • black sesame seeds [optional]
  1. Chop up the watermelon and daikon radish to your size preference. (if you cant to go fancy you can even use a melon baller to make cute round watermelon shapes

  2. Dice the red onion and green onion finely

  3. Combine the red onion, watermelon and pickled daikon radish in a bowl and mix gently with the lime juice

  4. Top with green onions and feta and black sesame seeds [optional]

  5. Enjoy as a salad, appetizer, side dish or snack! 🙂



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18 thoughts on “Watermelon Feta Pickled Daikon Salad”

  1. i put salt on my watermelon when it’s kind of blah and isn’t very sweet. feta sounds like a much more fun way to insert some seasoning though, and i’m always game for anything with pickled daikon (: if i ever muster up enough motivation to do something with watermelon on an “i want to eat watermelon as a meal” day, then this would be perfect!

    1. I still don’t know why I can’t do salt and watermelon but I’m okay with feta. Must be the cheese. haha! Gotta love the cheese!

    1. Thanks Lisa! 🙂 It’s so exciting when watermelon shows up in the supermarket….it means the weather is finally warm around here haha 🙂

  2. This looks so good, watermelon and feta sounds like a tasty combination! Definitely want to try this!

  3. Haha – I like salt and watermelon. But I like salt and anything. Salted caramel was a revolution for me:-) I really like this idea. I’d never, ever even though about trying to do something with watermelon except eat it. Great thinking. I’m impressed! Thanks for another great idea.

    1. I love salted caramel! I still can’t do salt and watermelon haha. Thanks Romain! I have this odd obsession with sour salt and sweet so I threw in pickles haha 🙂

  4. This looks so elegant and delicious! It’s going to be perfect this summer when watermelon is in season. I never put salt on it, but since moving to california, I’ve discovered putting tajin on fruits like watermelon and mango – it’s essentially lime chili salt and it really brings out the sweet!

    1. No waaaaay! I never heard of tajin but I am so obsessed with lime and chilli! I definitely need to try this out! 😀

  5. This dish is easy to make. Like watermelon is easy to buy in summer. Other ingredients we usually have at home in our daily cooking.

  6. The sharpness of pickled onions offers a pleasing contrast to crisp, juicy watermelon and salty, creamy feta cheese.

    1. I totally agree! There’s so much going on with flavours in this one 🙂

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