Fermented Pork Sausage (Nem Chua \ Som Moo)


Nem Chua / Som Moo is a fermented pork sausage primarily made of raw pork and shredded pig skin that can be eaten as is or added to fried rice dishes, salads or rice rolls!


This ingredient goes amazing in salads. It has a lightness to it that most meats don’t have and provides a whole lot of flavour!


From time to time we also have it as a quick snack! But this is definitely an acquired taste if you are eating it straight up without something to balance out the sourness and texture.


These are also fantastic chopped up and added to greens and rolled up in rice rolls. The sourness from the pork paired with the basil and the sweet dipping sauce combos up beautifully and makes a nice light snack.


Recipe Ideas for Nem Chua \ Som Moo usages:


These are usually sold in Asian grocery stores and will almost always be refrigerated. This will be difficult to find online since it is highly perishable.


Nem chua \ Som Moo has a bit of a garlic kick and is slightly tangy. Som Moo’s literal translation is actually “sour pork” but don’t be put off by this, it’s definitely an interesting flavour and there’s nothing like it out there. I find it almost has a pickled flavour and gives dishes that something something in the background.


This sausage is prized for it’s unique texture. It’s springy! Dare I say almost rubbery? It has a bit of a chew which comes from the shredded pig skin which gives dishes a interesting mouth-feel.


It should always be kept in the fridge and can keep for about 2 weeks.



4 thoughts on “Fermented Pork Sausage (Nem Chua \ Som Moo)”

  1. Ohhh I Love this stuff! My first exposure was when I was in college here in the U.S. My Thai friend loved to snack on this and I was so curious but somewhat on the fence about eating something weird looking like that , But one bite and there’s no turning back for me 🙂

    1. I was the same! Actually I saw it in the supermarket and was kind of freaked out and mildly grossed out by it when I read what it was! X_X haha but the curious side of me bought it and I was HOOKED! Then I had it in Nam Khao, and now I can’t stop eating it! Food is such a funny thing 🙂

    1. It’s tasty! It’s actually an ingredient but yes it can be eaten as is as a snack as well! 🙂 Definitely should try it if you ever see it!

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