Chow Mein

WHAT IS IT? Chow mein are yellow noodles made of wheat flour and eggs. Chow mein literally translates to ‘Fried Noodles’ in Chinese. These are generally used in stir fried chow mein dishes and served slightly crispy but can be used to make a saucy lo mein as well

Annatto Seeds

WHAT IS IT? Annatto seeds come from the achiote tree and are primarily used in Latin and Carribean cooking but can occasionally be found in Vietnamese & Filipino cuisines. It’s mainly used as a natural colouring agent to change oils to a bright yellowish red hue and used for stews, rice and noodle soups.


WHAT IS IT? Lemongrass is a stalky grass-like medicinal herb used predominately in Thai, Laotian and Vietnamese cuisines. This herb has a strong lemony and refreshing scent and used for marinating meat, flavouring broths or steeping teas.

Dashi Powder

  WHAT IS IT? Dashi powder is granulated bonito soup stock that can be used to make instant dashi for quick miso soups and to flavour noodle dishes. Essentially the same thing as chicken/beef/veggie boullion but seafood flavour in powder form.

Red Fermented Bean Curd

  WHAT IS IT? Fermented red bean curd (aka fermented red tofu) is a tofu that has been preserved in salt, rice wine, red yeast rice and spices. Not to be confused with the white fermented tofu which has a slightly milder taste and is used more in sauces and condiments.