Chinese Eggplant

WHAT IS IT? Chinese eggplant are bright purple, tubular shaped fruit (yes, fruit!) that is most commonly used in stir fries or deep fried and braised. It’s spongy flesh absorbs all the flavours of the sauces and provides a slight sweetness and creaminess to any dish it is used in.

Korean Radish

  WHAT IS IT? Korean radish is a variety of radish that is very mild in flavour with a crunchy texture and used in a variety of Korean dishes. Not be confused with it’s cousin the daikon radish which has a stronger, pungent flavour.

Daikon Radish

WHAT IS IT? Daikon radish is a large root vegetable that is very versatile and commonly used in Asian cuisines and can be enjoyed both raw and cooked. You can use these in broths, unique sauces, salads, stews or as a condiment.