by Joyce

Greetings and Welcome to Pups with Chopsticks!

Pups with Chopsticks - Who we are!


My motto in the kitchen is: Be creative, be open minded and be prepared to make mistakes! Food does not have to be just for sustenance. Food brings people together and can be a wonderful way to connect with people and cultures.

I’m Joyce and I’m so happy you are here! If you’re on this page then you must be curious about who we are! The bad news? I’m terrible when it comes to talking about myself, but i’ll try anyways and I’ll call it a success if I only manage to stifle a few yawns from you.

me-avatar-3I love to eat, so naturally I love re-making the dishes and flavours I have experienced or tasted so I can enjoy it – over and over and over again at home. My first experience in the kitchen started as a kid by watching and mimicking my dad cook at home and the rest is history…

My first memory of the very first meal I made was instant noodles with chicken wings – a bit of a odd combination but I was 8 years old 😛

I went to college and graduated to be some form of a techie but somehow ended up becoming a project manager in the corporate world. Being a free spirit and creative soul, I knew it was not a place for me, so I threw logic out the window and decided to follow my heart and quit my job to start this blog. It was a bit reckless with no safety net and it was the hardest (and possibly the stupidest) thing I ever had to do, but totally worth it because that’s how Pups with Chopsticks was born.




What is Pups with Chopsticks? 

It’s a food blog where we share recipes, foods and flavours and it’s a place where we encourage everyone to Play with Their Food! You will find recipes here with international influences as well as comfort foods with twists with lots of flavours. I like finding new ways to cook, and new ingredients to play with and I want to share this with everyone! Sometimes I create disasters and sometimes things blow up in my face but hey that’s okay – that’s how we learn and I make sure to tell you when I do, so that hopefully you can avoid making the same mistakes I do! 🙂


Most of the recipes here are meant to be a guideline. There will always be a personal preference with the balance of sweetness, saltiness or tanginess so I encourage you to tweak things until they taste right for you. I try my best to provide alternative methods and ingredients but if you have any questions please feel free to ask me! Also keep in mind that all stoves are also different as well so when I give a range in time for any recipe, start with the lowest and work your way up and as always watch your stove like a hawk. 🙂


Send me a email to say Hello! We don’t bite! (I don’t anyways! and the pups are trained well enough not to as well – they just nibble.)




  1. I’m a huge cookbook and succulent (gotta catch them all?) junkie. I swear I’m not a hoarder.
  2. I’m a gamer! On my down time you will usually catch me on my computer playing some random video game or relaxing to a board game! Lately, my new passion is playing Magic the Gathering! Yup, I’m a nerd.
  3. I’m a HUGE introvert, and borderline mute. 🙂
  4. I knit and crochet? Is that even a fun fact?





Pups with Chopsticks - Meet Oscar!
This is Oscar.

The squiggly emo dog. When he’s not sighing or being grumpy, you’ll find him on top of the stairs moping around and sighing like a sad panda. This little guys enjoys his ‘ME’ time – a lot.

Favourite Pastime: Pretending to be a cat. (I swear he’s got it down to a science!)


Pups with Chopsticks - Meet Wilbur!


Meet Wilbur.

This little guy is from Colombia and speaks Spanish! We adopted him a few years ago and he has been the cuddly, ‘awwwww’ dog of the household ever since. When he’s not napping (and he naps a lot!), you’ll find him nibbling on the grass in the yard or terrorizing his basket of toys.

Favourite Pastime: Using his charm and finding clever ways to ninja treats from people.


All photographs and Posts are developed and written by me. If you want to use any of these recipes or images, please ask and you link it back to it’s home here. 🙂