Garlic Noodles

Garlic noodles with double the garlic! Made with oven roasted garlic and black garlic (for it’s umami-ness), these noodles are packed with garlicky flavor and a must try for every garlic lover out there!

Oyster Sauce

WHAT IS OYSTER SAUCE? Oyster sauce is a very common Asian condiment and can usually be found in every Asian household. It is a great flavor enhancer and used in place of salt in cooking and in marinades.

Bitter Melon

WHAT IS BITTER MELON? Bitter melon is a melon used as an ingredient in savory dishes in Asia, India and the Caribbeans. Although it has a bitter flavor, people still enjoy it for it’s health benefits


WHAT IS A LYCHEE? Lychee is a small, sweet and juicy fruit that originates from China and mainly enjoyed as is but has been gaining worldwide popularity & has been popping up as an ingredient in fusion recipes as well.