Black Garlic


Black garlic. It looks weird, almost makes you wonder if they are rotted or molded right? Black garlic is essentially made by fermenting regular garlic in a low heat and humid environment for a long period of time. You can actually make this yourself in a slow cooker or rice cooker but be prepared to keep the cooker on for a week. It takes at least 200 hours to produce these nuggets.


Black garlic is a very versatile ingredient and can be used in anything and everything: sauces, spreads, dressings, as a garlic replacement etc. It has a lot of health benefits as well, such as cancer protections, controlling cholesterol, protection from infections and very high in antioxidants. We just like it for the flavour, the health benefits are a bonus!



Reduced balsamic vinegar can be used to substitute this. The balsamic will need to be reduced to a sticky syrup to remove all traces of tartness – then it’s good to go! 🙂


Recipe ideas for Black Garlic usages:



You can typically find these at health food stores, gourmet specialty stores and sometimes Asian supermarkets.


If they are difficult to find locally, you can purchase it online as well.



If you have never had black garlic before, the best way I can describe this is sweet! The garlicy spicy kick is almost non-existent and is replaced with a very sweet caramelized mild garlic flavour. Lots of umami-ness.



The texture of black garlic is soft and sticky. It can easily be made into a thick paste by with gentle pressure, which is why it is quite easy to incorporate into sauces, dips or even as a spread.



If sealed and unopened, black garlic can be stored at room temperature until the expiry date. Once it is opened, keep it in a well sealed container in the fridge for  up to 6 months to a year.


Disclaimer: As with most of my posts, I provide affiliate links to make items easier to find if you cannot purchase this locally. I would never recommend anything I don’t own myself or highly recommend, but I would prefer you buy your items locally to support your stores (and chances are they are cheaper locally!) 🙂


7 thoughts on “Black Garlic”

  1. I think it tastes like balsamic vinegar, sweeter and less sour though. My mom said it’s good for our immune system so she made me eat it every day. At first, I thought it would taste horrible, but it’s pretty tasty and I now think of it as balsamic candy.

    1. Yes! I found the balsamic vinegar has to be reduced to a sticky syrup so it eliminates the sour – then it taste very similar to the black garlic. My Mom definitely tells me often how good these things are for you haha 🙂

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