Chinese Olive Vegetable


Chinese olive vegetable is a condiment made of olives, preserved mustard vegetables, salt and oil. It contains high amount of umami flavour and is most commonly used in fried rice, stir fries or as a condiment.



Olive vegetables are most often used in stir fries, fried rice or as a condiment for congee.

They have an amazing deep umami flavour and provide your dishes with an aditional layer of flavour.


You use this like any other condiment and although it is stored in oil, you can use the oil along with the paste.


When you are using them in stir fries or fried rice, use your cooking utensil to break it up – it likes to clump together 🙂



Occasionally you will find olive pits in the jars. Remove them if you see them. You probably don’t want to bite on these super duper hard and sharp olive pits. They hurt.

 Chinese Olive Vegetable


Recipes that use Chinese Olive Vegetables:



You find these in most Asian grocery stores in a plastic or glass jar in the aisles.

Alternatively, you can also find these online as well:



Chinese olive vegetable is slightly salty and has a deep earthy olive flavour. It contains an abundant amount of umaminess to it and is highly addictive. 🙂 Since they are not as salty as regular olives, they can be used in larger amounts to flavour dishes.


Don’t be afraid to try this out, it may look gross and it is indeed something not very commonly used and different but absolutely delicious. 🙂




Straight from the jar, it is slightly greasy and has a wet paste consistency. However when used in stir fries and fried rice there is no consistency to it since it can be evenly spread out throughout the dish.





Store these in the fridge for up to 1 week.





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  1. Took us weeks to track this down in Cairns, but was absolutely worth the effort. Tons of yummy fried rice and trying the beans next! Thanks so much for the information. Great site.

    1. Oh yay! Isn’t it absolutely amazing in fried rice? It gives such a nice umami well rounded flavor to it without being overly salt! I love this stuff! 🙂 I’m happy I can help!

  2. Im keen to make my own without any of the preservatives that are used. Can you please give me a recipe? Thanks heaps

    1. I have actually not looked into making my own from scratch before but you have caught my curiosity now! 🙂 I have always just bought it but I definitely will need to look into making it from scratch. I’ll let you know if I can come up with anything close! 🙂

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