Red Fermented Bean Curd


Fermented red bean curd (aka fermented red tofu) is a tofu that has been preserved in salt, rice wine, red yeast rice and spices. Not to be confused with the white fermented tofu which has a slightly milder taste and is used more in sauces and condiments.


Fermented red bean curd is most commonly used for braising but can also be used for marinating as well.

It’s red colour (which comes from being fermented in red yeast rice) is what gives Chinese BBQ’s Pork it’s red colour. (No need for artificial food colouring). It also provides a wonderful aroma and flavour that gives it that something something.


Recipe Ideas for Red Fermented Bean Curd usages:


You can typically find these at Asian supermarkets in small jars in the sauces aisle.

If it is difficult to find, it can also be purchased online.


Salty! Very potent and salty with a hint of sweet alcohol flavour from the fermentation. It’s very high in sodium and strong so use it sparingly.


It comes in cube form but will almost always need to be mashed up to be used in marinades. If you are using it for braising, it will slowly melt from the heat once you put it in the braising liquid and mix it around.


Once opened, it should be stored in the fridge and can be kept for a year (possibly longer?). We had ours in the fridge for 2 years and it still kept very well. 🙂



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