Shirataki Noodles


You won’t believe this but Shirataki Noodles are actually made from yams! Yeah, yams! Konjac yams to be exact. They have become quite popular recently since they are great for anyone on special gluten-free or vegans diets and they are low in calories and carbs since it is made up of an indigestible dietary fibre which you essentially don’t digest!



They come tied up in cute little knots, which you can untie to get the long stringy noodles, or leave as-is to have them as little bundled noodles. I personally prefer them tied up because you get a lot more texture and crunch from them that way and the little bundles are great and absorbing all the sauces.


Recipe ideas for Shirataki Noodles usages:



Shirataki noodles are usually most commonly found in Asian grocery stores. They have been getting popular so you may be able to find them at health food stores as well.

They are usually located in the refrigerated  section of the supermarket in little packages suspended in water.

If you can’t find them in your area, you can find them online, however these are not the ones tied into little bundles – they are the standard noodle ones – the bundled ones are a lot harder to find online.




Shirataki noodles don’t have a lot of flavour, in fact I’d say it has no flavour at all, but it is excellent in absorbing flavours from the sauces that is cooked with it.

Note: If you are not use to it, the water in the packaging may smell a bit fishy. Not to worry! You won’t be using the water it comes in. Rinse out the noodles in cold water, and you’re good to go. No more fishy smell 🙂



They have an interesting bouncy, crunchy texture that is fun to eat. They may however be a personal preference as it might come across as rubbery and plastic-like to some, but if you keep an open mind these have a very interesting texture to them.



If the package is unopened, they can be stored in room temperature up to their expiry date, but I highly recommend storing them in the fridge.


Disclaimer: As with most of my posts, I provide affiliate links to make items easier to find if you cannot purchase this locally. I would never recommend anything I don’t own myself or highly recommend, but I would prefer you buy your items locally to support your stores (and chances are they are cheaper locally!) 🙂


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