Indian eggplants are a purplish-burgundy, cute little egg shaped fruit that is most commonly used in indian cooking and is usually stuffed or curried.


Indian eggplants are usually used in stuffed or used in curries. A popular Indian dish that uses this is Bharta, which is a spicy vegetarian mashed eggplant dish made with roasted eggplant.


Like the Chinese Eggplant, I found you didn’t need to salt these eggplant as well since they don’t have a strong bitter taste to it.


Personally, I use this eggplant interchangeably with the Chinese eggplant when I’m feeling like using minified eggplants – and if I can find them.


Recipe Ideas that use Indian Eggplant:


I have never seen these at a local supermarket so it was surprising when they did have it that one day – so I nabbed it up. So I won’t say you can’t find it from your local grocery store but I’d say it’s rare to find it there but you may find it there! 🙂


You can almost always find them at Asian or Indian supermarkets.

They look like little eggs! I put a fork in the picture below to give you a rough idea of the size.

Indian Eggplant


When you are picking them out at the grocery store, find firm ones with no brown blemishes or dents. The eggplant should have a smooth skin and be wrinkle free and a rich purplish burgundy colour.



Indian eggplant, like the Chinese eggplant has a slightly sweet flavour to it but it also has a bit of a light tang as well.



Because of the tiny size and shape of the eggplant, it contains a bit more seeds than other eggplants.

Depending on how it’s cooked, the texture can be very different. Typically if heat is applied to it, it has a very soft and creamy texture.

When cooking it, the flesh of the eggplant is almost like a sponge, so it absorbs the flavours and sauces of dishes very well and creates flavourful dishes.




You can store eggplant in room temperature away from the sun. However if you live in a very hot area and your kitchen is usually on the hot side then store the eggplant in the fridge.


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